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LEE PERK - Tumbleweed Revisited - LP


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LEE PERK - Tumbleweed Revisited - LP

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Format: Album LP vinilo

Year: 23 / 09 / 2022

LP edition of the album Tumbleweed released on CD in summer 2021. Remastered and ienhanced edition with two new songs

With 50s textures that may sound vintage but never old, that slide through songs like “Bad times” (with Ricky Ibáñez on drums and Karlos 'Screamers' on double bass), “Scare me”, “Faster than ever” or “A new blend”, a set of rockabilly echoes that carry the weight of names like Roy Orbison, Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly. But it also pays a visit to the brilliant and poppy sixties, here the British essences are noted in pristine pop songs like “Talk”, “Moonhall Park” or “See me in the morning”. He even sticks to more lysergic sounds on the track “Not yet enough”. A single song in Spanish entitled “Años y años de Soledad”, or an excellent tribute to “Carrie Fisher”, in a fulminating cut that sounds like the modern New York scene of the neon years of the seventies, are moments that deviate from the general plot of the album, bring eclecticism and variety to the whole.