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AKATZ - 12 Años de Exitos - CD


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AKATZ - 12 Años de Exitos - CD

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Akatz started as a reggae band in 1992 in Bakio (coast area of the Bay of Bizkaia) when some friends decided to get together to scape from the cold winters of Basque Country. The idea was to find their own personal style in reggae and to be able to defend their own songs live.

As a big-band their set line always consists of 8 to 12 members. Therefore counting with a lot of different musicians that during this period frequently come and go. This is the reason why there is a large Akatz family all over the area and some of the best Basque musicians have played in the band as established part of the team.

After so long the band still remembers hundreds of concerts in bars, pubs, clubs, open air festivals… and also tons of friends that makes it a very experienced combo. During the period that goes from 1992 to 2004 the band also self-publishes cd-demos and participates in several sampler records as: "Brixton Cats + the Rudies" (2 tracks); "Global ska 2";Brixton Cats + the Reggaeboys"; "Spanish Town Reggae".

All this experience and their own personal way of playing ska, rocksteady and roots reggae took them to releasing their first official album entitled "12 Años de Éxitos" ("twelve years of hits") as a compilation of their top level tracks. The special appearances of great musicians make this album a outstanding work of their capabilities: Fred Rocksteady Reyter from NYSJE, Miriam Quiñones as vocalist in the incredible "Razon de vivir", Alain Michel, Roberto Sanchez...